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Luxury and High-End Auto Agent

We have developed the activity of automobile agent, because the research was our main activity for our stock. We wished to offer this service to our customers to touch their needs more closely. We are looking for new or used vehicles, according to the search criteria, the specifications, the options desired by the customer, for all brands of cars. Are you looking for a car broker in Cannes? Or a car dealer in Nice and a car dealer in Cagnes sur mer or a car dealer in Monaco? Contact us

For this service, we give as much importance as to our vehicles in stock. We choose vehicles scrupulously selected at French and European dealerships. Thus we have the means to check the history of the cars, guaranteed without accidents, with a certified mileage.

All our prices are announced as final price, including CO2 taxes, and the transport of the vehicle, as well as a manufacturer’s warranty. We can offer you an extended warranty for an additional fee. Only the vehicle registration will be charged to the customer, in addition to the advertised price.

Vehicle search in Europe and Germany

As for our European research, we have a German secretary, dedicated to the research of these vehicles, who is directly on site in Germany, which allows us to check the vehicles more closely for ourselves.
We have developed a solid network of transporters in Europe, with open or closed transport, as well as insurance adapted to the price of the vehicle.
Approved with the ANTS and the SIV, we take care of the administrative steps, of the documents relating to the importation, until the gray card, and the final registration. This system of importation allows us to obtain new vehicles, or vehicles of occasions less expensive than on the French market. We take care to buy our vehicles in dealerships, with European guarantees, as well as a maintenance booklet up to date manufacturer. Do not hesitate to contact your luxury car dealer in Germany.

mandataire Porsche de luxe
mandataire auto de luxe

Your questions about our car agency services

There is no typical customer. There are customers who are looking for a vehicle with specifications and a budget to respect. We are there to respond to their search by matching their criteria as closely as possible.

We import all types of vehicles, of all brands. We import from the small city car, compact car, sedan, SUV, to the hypercar. We can import new cars, and used cars.

There is no minimum budget, it depends on the customer and his research. Whether it is for a new or used vehicle, it is up to us to adapt to the budget. As a trader, it is important to us to have advantageous rates for our customers compared to the current market.

The trade-in is possible under certain conditions, it is necessary that the vehicle is recent and is maintained with an up to date follow-up in the maintenance booklet. It will be necessary to agree on an appointment in our premises to see what it is possible to do.

Once we have found the right vehicle, we ask our customer to sign the order form, which commits him to purchase the vehicle, along with a deposit. Then we send our carrier, who transports our vehicles on closed or open trailer.
As soon as we receive the car, we prepare the vehicle, in order to configure it in French. Then the vehicle is at the disposal of the customer, once the complete transfer made and received.

In parallel, we ensure to take care of the administrative steps of importation. The customer will leave, in the event of importation with a provisional registration of 4 months, necessary to the steps and the manufacture of the final French registration. The customer will receive his final registration card at his home, and will only have to make his license plates.

It is also possible that a customer has already found a vehicle in an advertisement, in France, or abroad. The customer can transfer us this advertisement, and according to the same previous step we take care of the transfer, if we estimate that the vehicle is reliable.

The advantage that our customer has to pass by our services, it is that we can bring to him guarantees manufacturers, a know-how, and a complete administrative service until the reception of the definitive license, and the delivery of the vehicle, in our buildings, or at the residence of the customer.

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